Booking/Planning an Event

This page is provided to point you toward assistance in planning an event with Marty Haugen. For the past 30 years Marty has been presenting workshops and sessions to inspire and assist musicians, presiders and all those involved in liturgy.

Frequently asked questions about hosting an event and information about how to begin the process.

If you have arranged an event with Marty you can download biographies and publicity photos or look at possible presentations here:



Sat, Jan 12: Upland, CA
Concert with Bob Hurd
Location: St. Anthony's parish 
2110 N. San Antonio Ave, Upland, CA
Contact: 909-985-2803

Thur, Jan 18: Claremont, CA
Concert with Bob Hurd and Anawim
Location: Pilgrim Place 
625 Mayflower Road, Claremont, CA

Feb 8-9, 2019: Amery, WI (Diocese of Superior)
Retreat & workshop
Location: St. Joseph Church,
1050 Keller Ave N

Mar 22-24: LA Religious Education Congress
Workshops (with Diana Macalintal)
Location: Anaheim Convention Center

Mar 29-30: Spencer, IA
Evening of music/Sat retreat
Location: Sacred Heart Parish 
1111 4th Ave W, Spencer, IA

July 16-19: National Pastoral Musician's Conference
Location: Raleigh, NC 

Schedulng an event You can schedule an event with Marty (workshop, conference, evening of sung prayer) by wrting to him at 

Every attempt will be made to keep this list as up-to-date and accurate as possible; however, it is subject to change.  If you cannot reach the contact person for any of these events, you may Email Marty