Permissions regarding Marty's music

Permission to reprint music /
permission to create new arrangements and adaptations

Thank you for your conscientious efforts to respect the creative work of others. Like all those who depend upon the good will of sister and brother musicians  I am grateful for your integrity. For my own part I want to make my music as easily available to you as I can.

The first thing I need to make clear is that, for almost all of my own music, I do not control my copyright or reprint rights. My publisher, GIA Publications, is licensed to grant reprint permissions on my behalf. They also make final decisions about permission for text changes or new musical arrangements of any of my compositions. However, they normally consult with me on critical issues and I have come to trust their decisions and I believe that they are also motivated to do whatever they can to support your ministry.

Reprinting music

GIA has recently become part of a new licensing consortium called OneLicense©. This group now includes all of the major Roman Catholic music publishers (Liturgical PressOregon Catholic Press / World Library Publications), as well as a wide variety of publishers of liturgical music including:

Abingdon Press / Augsburg Fortress / Celebration / Choristers Guild / CRC Publications / Concordia Publishing / Hope Publishing / Jan-lee Music / Kevin Mayhew / Lorenz Publishing / Manna Music / Morningstar / Oxford University Press / Presbyterian Publishing Corp /  Selah Publishing / Shawnee Press / The Pilgrim Press / Troubadour for the Lord / United Church Press / Veritas Publications / Willow Publishing

This collaboration provides parishes with access to a wonderfully broad repertoire of liturgical music representing many styles, cultures and denominational expressions. Of course this also means that parish communities are in a position where they will have to make some hard decisions about which licenses they will be able to afford. I do believe that their rates are very reasonable for the breadth of what they offer (e.g. texts by Brian Wren, Ruth Duck and Sylvia Dunston, music from Taizé and Iona, David Hass, as well as all the other GIA composers). They have a sliding scale to accommodate smaller communities (with smaller budgets).

You can also arrange for permission to license individual songs from GIA. For information about the various options available for reprinting music, go to the website for OneLicense©

(For those of you in the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and the Pacific Rim: please contact your distributor for information regarding reprint permissions within your own countries).

For some one-time occasions (e.g. conferences, conventions and ordinations) GIA will extend free reprint permissions for the copyrights owned and administered by GIA Publications, Inc. Contact GIA at or at 1-800-GIA-1358 if you have any questions about this type of permission.

Creating musical arrangements or text adaptations

I receive many requests from composers and textwriters about creating new musical arrangements, new texts or text adaptations for my publications. Whenever I can I try to honor these; however, as I said above, my publisher has the final say in such matters. If you contact me I will do my best to support and guide you in your pursuits.

Having said all this, if you follow these channels and still have problems or concerns, you are welcome to contact me at



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