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The books below are all available through GIA Publications

To Serve as Jesus Did  

A book for anyone who serves as a leader of prayer, in song, spoken word or presiding.  Using Jesus' own life and ministry as a model, it offers guidance and support for anyone wishing to grow in their ministry.  More.

Turn My Heart/A Sacred Journey from Brokenness to Healing

(with Susan Briehl)  This book of prayer, poems, psalms, readings and scripture is a companion book to the Turn My Heart recording (although it easily stands alone).  It is intended to provide support and encouragement to individuals, friends and families in the midst of difficult times.  The first section marks the journey from brokenness to healing with words, lyrics and photos.  The second section offer prayer forms and suggestions, for those praying alone or with others.  This book makes a good gift to those in grief or depression. More.

Instrumentation and the Liturgical Ensemble, 1991.

This book was created to be a resource for anyone who is responsible for a parish music ensemble.  Each chapter focuses on an instrumental group--organ, piano, woodwinds, brass, strings, percussion, synthesizer.  There are also chapters on the history of instrument, sound equipment, acoustics and arranging.  Accompanying audio tapes are also available.  More.



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