Frequently Asked Questions

How far ahead do we need to plan? If you are thinking about a weekend event (eg. Friday-Saturday), Marty is usually booked 15-18 months ahead.

How much does it cost to book an event? Because he has to spend so much time on the road, Marty determines a fee based on his time away from home and family rather than on the amount of work scheduled.  In other words, when traveling without his wife, he would prefer to work a full day and get home sooner rather than spreading work over a number of days. Marty will try to accommodate your budget whenever possible. Please keep in mind that this is what he does for a living.

What other expenses are incurred besides the stipend?  Marty's only other expenses are airfare (the world is changing around the cost of energy and our own understanding of how we travel; still, Marty will do his best to find the most inexpensive flight possible), cab fares, room and board. While he tries to be flexible in his housing arrangements, it is always easier for him to stay in a nearby hotel with a workout room.  Regardless, Marty asks for a quiet place to prepare and re-energize during an event and in the evenings.  If his wife, Linda, is traveling with him, they will definitely need a hotel. 

What does a workshop day look like? Marty (and any of his colleagues that are part of an event) always work with the host to create a day that best suits the needs of those attending. Possible workshop options.

What about materials for the workshop participants, and resources to sell? A representative from GIA Publications will contact you before the event and will arrange to provide you with materials for use at the workshop or concert. If there is no local religious goods store in your area, GIA will send you materials to sell yourself. Groups can often cover a good portion of their expenses from the sale of printed and recorded music.

How do we start the process? When you contact Marty (see phone number and e-mail address below) and determine an acceptable date, you will be sent an information packet that includes everything you need to begin your planning. The packet will have suggested workshop topics, contact names at GIA and other publishers, information about concert and workshop preparations, a biography, a photo and a contract

For more information, you can contact Marty here:



Schedulng an event You can schedule an event with Marty (workshop, conference, evening of sung prayer) by wrting to him at 

Every attempt will be made to keep this list as up-to-date and accurate as possible; however, it is subject to change.  If you cannot reach the contact person for any of these events, you may Email Marty

October 8-9, 2022: Worship and Arts Festival, Trinity Lutheran Church, Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Contact: Rev. Clayton Schmit 715-496-1957