Suggested Workshop Topics

Here are some of the sessions Marty can offer for your group. Of course, once you have arranged for Marty to present an event, he will work with you to create or adapt sessions that best suit your specific needs. Each of these sessions can be presented individually by Marty alone or with an ordained colleague or addtional musician (see the "booking an event" page).

Our Life in Worship/Our Life in the World - The regular rhythm of liturgical, sacramental, community worship is the source and summit of the Christian's faith journey. Authentic worship is always in dialogue with the world in which it exists; it must be grounded within an historical and cultural context. What we say and do and confess in worship must be deeply and faithfully connected to how we speak and act in the world in which we live. This session looks at what makes for authentic and faithful worship and how that worship shapes our life in the world.

To Serve as Jesus Did - All baptized Christians are called to be ministers--to labor and live as the voice and hands of Jesus for the life of the world. Regardless of our gifts and talents, our calling is clear--to serve as Jesus did. This session looks at seven key aspects of Jesus' ministry and considers how his life and work and teachings provide a template for our own life of service.

The Rich Treasure of the Psalms - Dietrich Bonhoeffer called the book of Psalms "the prayerbook of Jesus." For millennia the psalms have been a rich treasure of prayer, song and wisdom for Jews and Christians alike, a true and profound and poetic "prayerbook" for every season and occasion of our life-long journey of faith. This session will look at the variety of psalms and their varied uses in personal and community prayer.

Music From & For the World Church - The paschal mystery is truly revealed in its fullness when all Christians embrace their unity in Christ as expressed through their varied and unique cultural expressions. This workshop/reading session provides a rationale for the inclusion of a multitude of cultural expressions. It also offers suggestions on how elements of enculturation can best be introduced into a community and give all participants a chance to sings and experience a variety of solid and creative musical resources from the world church. 

Music's Place Within the Eucharistic Celebration- This workshop/reading session explores the nature of ritual music, especially within the eucharistic celebration--what it is, how it can be evaluated and how ministers can choose and present it most effectively within community prayer. Musical examples will be used to demonstrate a variety of creative approaches (the music presented can be tailored to offer resources for one or more specific seasons of the liturgical year).

Turn My Heart:  The Journey from Brokenness to Healing - We have all known difficult times, as individuals, as members of various communities and as a nation.  How do we sing our faith in times of crisis, doubt and grief?  This session will explore music and prayer forms that can both individuals and communities in their movement from lament, through metanoia into healing and renewal.

Nurturing a Parish Music Program- Just as music within the liturgy is at the service of the Word, the Rite and the gathered assembly, so those of us who choose and lead music within worship must also be formed and guided by the Word proclaimed, the Rites celebrated and the assembly gathered. It requires skill, determination, patience, sensitivity and grace to build and maintain a good parish music program.  This workshop takes a very practical approach to developing musicians as effective and inspiring leaders, whether they are playing or singing, alone or within an ensemble. It is a "nuts and bolts" session, addressing the recruitment and training of instrumental and vocal ensembles and cantors, rehearsals, teaching new music to assemblies, and the spiritual formation of the liturgical musician. Depending on the needs of participants, other issues can also be addressed, such as instrumental arranging, presentation skills or environmental issues, such as visual and audio placement, acoustics and sound reinforcement.


Mar 16-18  Los Angeles Religious Education Congress
Anaheim, CA

Mon, Apr 16  Workshop--"Prophetic Singing in Challenging Times"
United Theological Seminary, New Brighton, MN

Sat, Apr 21  Concert (with David Haas)
School Sisters of St. Francis, Milwaukee, WI

July 9-16 National Pastoral Musicians Conference (concert & workshop)
Baltimore, MD 

July 27-29 National Netword of Pastoral Musicians Conference
High Leigh Conference Center, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, UK 

Every attempt will be made to keep this list as up-to-date and accurate as possible; however, it is subject to change.  If you cannot reach the contact person for any of these events, you may Email Marty